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A new urban forest to be planted in and around Glasgow will include 18 million trees to be planted over the next decade as various studies have established links between urban tree cover and public health.

The Clyde Climate Forest will have 10 trees per resident as part of the city region’s commitment to reaching Net Zero while raising woodland cover in the area from 17% to 20%.

Around 29,000 hectares of broadleaved woodland in the region are fragmented due to urban development, with the planting aiming to reconnect the areas. The team behind the project aims to plant trees in areas of deprivation, former coalmining sites, vacant and derelict land, urban streets and rural areas.

Launching the initiative, Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken said: “The pandemic has brought into focus like never before the value of local spaces as places to exercise, de-stress and engage with nature”.

Source: Express & Star