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2024 July
Swedish grandparents can now get paid to take care of grandkids
The last truly wild horses left on Earth saved from extincion
Climate lawsuits being filed against companies are on the rise
Boy becomes first person fitted with brain implant to control epileptic seizures
Glasgow club turns body heat into energy
A simple new method to reduce the rate of people suffering from a peanut allergy
Denmark introduces the first burp tax on cows
2024 June
Organ on a chip technology could end animal testing
Iceland Supports Artists Annually with Government Funded Salarie
Thailand becomes first South East Asian country to legalise same sex marriage
Newcastle United introduces sound shirts for fans with hearing loss
A new dye make cancer glows
Major milestone in cutting harmful gases that deplete ozone layer
An ocean borne fungus is eating plastic
Colombia bans bullfighting
Human trial will start soon for a tooth regrowth medicine
2024 May
Boling water can remove up to 90 percent of microplastics
The biggest carbon removal plant just opened in Iceland
A Spoonful of Olive Oil a Day Can Lower The Risk of Dementia
More than 30 other countries have legalized same sex marriage
First robotic heart surgery on teenagers in Spain
Cycling is becoming more popular than driving in Paris
130 whales rescued in Australia
US reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug
2024 April
Airline will automatically give cash refunds in the US
World first personalized mRNA cancer vaccine is being tested
World first cat food made with lab grown chicken
7 countries are powered by 100 percent renewable energy
Nature has a Spotify account to raise money for conservation
Science highlights the benefit of consensual touch on mental health
Scotland proposes first ban on caging laying hens
Bee colonies are at an all time high in the USA
A simple method to reduce anger
4 day workweek is still a hit in the UK
Our brain is growing and it can help against dementia
Broccoli can prevent stroke
US bans import of hunting trophies from Africa
Dogs improve the sleeping quality of children with autism
A branch of the flu is dead
2024 March
Ocean exposure improves our mental wellbeing
Free wine for those who give up their smartphone at dinner
15 minutes of exercise can undo damage of working at desk
EU cracks down on unpaid internships
Finland is the happiest country in the world for the 7th year in a row
Marriage rates are up and divorce rates are down
Novel cancer vaccine for dogs offers new hope
Spanish is the happiest language
Germany have legalized cannabis
Giant pandas in the wild has doubled
Canadian woman sets world record for donating blood