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When we think of successful people kindness isn’t the first word that typically springs to mind because historically kindness is often considered a weakness in the world of business. However, kindness can improve job performance, lengthen employee tenure, and reduce sick leave.

According to a recent study from the American Phychological Association, people who were treated kindly at work repaid it by being 278% more generous to coworkers compared to a control group. Research has found that kindness encourages increased health and increased emotional well-being in the workplace.

This shows that professionals that get ahead by stomping on others don’t last. Their business colleagues aren’t as loyal or engaged.

Being kind at work allows professionals to be more satisfied with their jobs and it can set off a morale-boosting wave throughout an organization.

When others witness acts of kindness, they also get a surge of well-being and will often feel encouraged to perform an act of kindness of their own. By not giving your power away to negative people or ignoring an opportunity to be kind, you are spreading joy.

Source: Medium