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The field of environmental psychology, which explores our relationship with our immediate surroundings, has lots to teach us about being indoors.

A concept known as ‘refuge and prospect’ says that humans are more comfortable sat with our backs to the wall and a view of the door or window.

It is believed that we prefer these settings because these factors could contribute to our survival by being the safest places we could be.

A view of trees or even a picture of scenery on your wall can help. If you can find a room with a view of any kind of nature then this has the ability to reduce blood pressure and the circulation of stress hormones, and it increases the capacity for directed attention, which is the ability to focus.

Exposure to bright light helps us to regulate sleep, boosts our mood and even raises our productivity levels, new research reveals.

Sitting next to the office window can help double an individual’s alertness compared to those stuck in the middle of a room under artificial lights, according to scientists.